Maximize your VCT floor

Coated VCT will not lose color or shine over time and never needs to be stripped, buffed or burnished.


– Waxing VCT is common and demands too much employee time with stripping, buffing and burnishing

– A waxed floor can lose shine after only a few weeks under normal wear

– The process of waxing spreads contaminates onto other floors, walls and into the facilities air

ETS Health can help.

– ETS floor coating creates a single membrane over the entire surface area, eliminating seams where contamination collects

– Coated floors are easy to clean, and keep clean, using only hot water

– No stripping, buffing or burnishing

– No expensive chemicals

– Coated floors look great and retain their appearance for 3-4 years or more

“After the initial application, we experienced a positive return on our¬†investment within 10 months.”

РJoe Ahner, Facilities Operations Manager, Mille Lacs County, MN

Before and After

Elementary School VCT floor coated August 2013

VCT Floors are lightly sanded, cleaned to PH neutral and coated.

Before and After - University Classroom

VCT floor before and after.

photo (15)

ETS coating being applied to VCT hallway.

ets wakon before and after