ETS Health can help reduce environment impact, lower costs, improve floor safety and provide a healthier facility


Challenges your facility may be facing:

– Disease grows, spreads and travels on the floor

-68% of building contamination originates in the restrooms

– Stripping, buffing and burnishing spreads contamination onto surrounding floors/walls and into the air

– Grout in a facility is raw cement, absorbing contamination

ETS Health can help.

– ETS 180 floor coating creates a single membrane over the entire surface area, eliminating seams where contamination collects

– Coated floors are easy to clean, and keep clean, using only hot water

– Coated floors look great and retain their appearance for 3-4 years or more

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A daunting challenge

Providing a super clean environment for patients, visitors and staff is an especially important issue in deal with infectious disease control.


ETS Health can provide a simple, efficient solution to complicated, expensive cleaning methods.   Coated floors are clean, easy to maintain without any chemicals and will look great for years.

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“Riverwood Healthcare has taken advantage of ETS Health and their coating which has saved labor and time. It has also created a safer environment from an infection control standpoint”

Jeff Bare, Facilities Manager, Riverwood healthcare, MN


Coated sheet vinyl floor

photo (14)

This floor was cleaned, the grout recolored and then coated

ETS 180 Floors

Floor coated  2 years ago.