Providing a clean environment for students, staff and visitors is an important task


Keeping floors clean in a consistent, efficient way keeps students healthy and makes a great impression on guests


– Since disease grows, spreads and travels on the floor, keeping them clean is the foundation of a healthy building


– Stripping, buffing and burnishing spreads contamination onto surrounding floors/walls and into the air


– EPA estimates that 90% of colds are caught indoors


– Facilities are servicing greater numbers of students in growing buildings typically without increases in staff


ETS Health can help.

– ETS 180 floor coating creates a single membrane over the entire surface area, eliminating seams where contamination collects

– Coated floors are easy to clean, and keep clean, using only hot water

– Coated floors look great and retain their appearance for 2-3 years or more

– Coated floors never need to be stripped, buffed or burnished

– Staff spend less time cleaning floors, releasing them to more important tasks

Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy Youtube.

“I am a firm believer in the ETS floor coating and would recommend every school district to install it.”

– Bryan Brown, Facilities Director, St. Cloud School District

A clean, simple solution

Most facility coordinators are looking to provide clean floors that look great and are simple, economical and efficient to maintain.  ETS 180 floor coating is the solution to difficult, complicated and expensive cleaning methods used by many educational facilities.


Before and after, hallway coated

tile and grout restroom

Before and after, restroom that was color sealed and coated

photo (11)

Grout in the process of being cleaned

Before and After - University Classroom

Before and after, clasroom coated